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more dreams

dan reunion


daniel heidkamp stood before me, no longer dan dwyer-heidkamp, he and I were estranged, but still somehow here, at home, at a party, not sure. but people filtered out and eventually it was just he and I. When he left i saw him cross my front yard, and head down parker rd, and my mom ran out to give him something he had forgotten. i guess we had been at my house, talking in the kitchen, in the space where the dinner table is, where he's come before and remarked on how he liked the painting across the way.

but here i was rolling a cigarette in a distractive way, while talking about wanting to go somewhere with him, saying it like, 'i was thinking about going to ____ (we were supposed to go together)'

the cigarette i was rolling was of paper scraps (reminiscent of the beer coaster i was tearing up the other night and piling into little scquares.) I was rolling those into a piece of paper (probably from having recently used one to cone my Amazing Meal protein powder into a 12 oz container.

it was all i had left, i remember, for something to smoke. crazy.

the news of Che came yesterday.