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more dreams

Airport loop


Last night was a nightmare. We were trying to get out of the airport, but the hallways and tunnels turned into spiraling slides made of tiles, and they led us back to the same places. The doorways and thresholds were thin and reminded me of a recurrring dream i've had of a subway platform at some New York borough, where the turnstyles are super thin and almost impossible to slip through to get to the right subway. The platform is many stories above ground, although i never feared falling, only not catching the subwy in time, or worse, catching the wrong one. This reminds me of another train dream i've had, always coming or going from wakefield, but i never get on the right one, and hvae to backtrack or wait for another train.

anyway, this time it was the airport, and we the walking crowd just kepting going in loops, until i realized that the only way i could get out of this was to wake up.