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more dreams

Zombie Movie, New Roomate Sex
June 28, 2010


Zombies, coming at us from both sides. down a dirt road. they were all white folk, moving at us in two herds slowly but surely. this was the end of a movie, so i knew how it ended, me and my friend "Andy"? got eaten. so i decided to play a little, and started screaming to God to just bomb us. "give me a bomb, God!" This was not in the script, but i yelled it repeatedly as we scrambled down the dirt road.

Andy or whoever my friend had been hanging upside down waiting for the movie crew to attend to him, but they were nowhere to be found. they were still blocks away, waiting to finish a car skid scene. the movie was 5th element and Bruce willis was directing.

I had been the first to show up on the part of the set where andy was hanging upside down. he untangled himself and got right side up when i arrived. then he looked off into the distance and said damn. run! and so we both turned through the set which was similar to a giant something obstructing the road - we turned through it and began running up the road.

I was running slow and limp foot. I said "see, this is what happens in my dreams, I always run like shit." I started grabbing a chain link fence by the road to help pull me forward, but it was not working much better. the zombies were gaining. It was then I prayed for the bomb, which never came.

from both sides now, zombies were approaching. I thought about the moment when they would overcome us and we would get eaten. I really didnt want that to happen. There was a path that led into the woods, and my friend and I scrambled up it. the path or slight clearing led to a lake. at the other side of the lake there was stuff, like carinval stands or something. or maybe what i was seeing were some kind of floaty things on the lake. either way they were bright and colorful and indicated civilization that perhaps coule protect us if we could only make it there.

"wanna go for a swim?" I said hastily, knowing that we had no other option. I pulled off my shoes with my toes from each opposite foot. I knew that swimming without shoes would be more effective than swimmming with shoes, and that gave me a little hope. I also knew i was a good swimmer, and maybe zombies were bad swimmers.

before the zombies ate us, and before I began seriously swimming, I woke up.


earlier, i was having sex with a new roomate. It was a girl when i was hooking up with her, but a boy later on. She was wearing solid black lingerie that looked like a black bikini. I was lying asleep on my bed, and she on hers, but I think she saw my legs and couldnt resist climbing on me, and I was sort of OK with that. we started groping and humping, and we were close to sex when i said i needed to get up.

Outside the house, which was on Elm street by Ida's - perhaps it was that very house - I said as courteously and plainly as I could "there are some details I must share with you before we continue." I'm clean, i said, I dont have anything you need to worry about. but i need to make sure you are too, becuase if you're not, then I really cant engage in activity like this with you. (or something to that effect). I knew i had said it in a way that would make her (now his) lying difficult. He said "wow" and walked back a little, then lit up a cigarette. He started to tell me something, an anecdote perhaps, but I was mostly thinking to myself "so he/she does have something. otherwise they would have been ok with the question and responded in kind." I followed up by reassuring him that it was nothing personal that brought me to the question, it's just how i do things. what, you dont ask those kinds of questions? then he said something else that again I dont remember . he was telling me an anecdote.

sometthing definitely happened to put me and the roomate together in the same house, sleeping on different beds in the same room, but i forget what it was.