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Zombie Apocalypse

zombie apocalypse.
my brother helped me get through it.

everyone was dead. i was maybe the only one who had not died in the holocaust, which started, from what we could tell, with a giant bomb racing across the sky. before it had a chance to land, i got to as high a ground as possible. i knew the waves would grow huge and take over most of the land. the beach was in terraces, and fortunately i managed to scramble to the highest terrace before the wave took me over.

the place i was walking through looked like a bombed out building, except there was very little debris. mostly just concrete structures, columns, squares where windows used to be.

there was a moment i thought i was the only one left on the earth. i dont remember if it was my brother who found me first, or a zombie. I think i figured it out on my own, that the people here were not the same anymore. I dont think i had to kill any of them. I may have beaten one in the face as hard and fast as i could to get away.

my brother was also a zombie. they looked similar to humans, as far as I was concerned, except their faces were a bit paler, their eyes a bit darker, a bit more like they were tripping, and there were scraps of skin around their necks, like their skin had been redressed on them sloppily. some zombies were less attractive than others, more scrappy, more oozy.

my brother knew that I would not want to become a zombie, so he protected me and helped me hide when zombies came along. good hiding spots were not always hidden cubbies... sometimes they were appearing like a pole, next to a pole.

ultimately, as i began to know the zombie community, i felt a little more comfrotable around them. they were having a session of pow wows that i was brought to, where they would try to figure out what to do with me. normally, they would convert me to zombie, because they despised humans (i got a lot of ugly looks from passersby - apparently to them, humans looked like drawings of cats with weird triangular faces), but the key to keeping your humanity was being confident and spiritually open and giving, and i felt that way, and they could tell, so i got to keep my humanity.