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Yelena's Short Story


it was an emotional dream. epic. a friend won a contest where he was expected to then run around the world. i wanted to have a reason to run around the world. envious. he had won some eating contest, or at least had entered the contest and won a certain level of it.

at the end of the dream, Yelena had written a poem that was getting a lot of attention in the literary world. it was a short story actually, about befriending a cat or something. it was really well done, flowed nicely, and i told her so. i told her i had read it 3 or 4 times already, and i think in my dream i actually did. it was only a page and a half or so. maybe 2 pages and a half. reading the story the 4th time actually made me tear up a bit, but it wasn't a sad story, it was redemptive.

the middle of the epic dream was all the problems i was having with the girl i was with, who might have been a mixture of Ting and Karla. Karla in the way that i could swear and curse, and it didnt phase her too too much. Ting in the way that she would cry and didnt say much herself. At one point in the dream i said "fuck you. fuck you you little cunt" and stormed off. i knew her friends were hearing it too. I think her friends were drama people trying to put on a play, and i didnt care that they heard me. something about driving a car.

I dont remember why got so angry with her. I suppose it was because she was ignoring me. wish i could remember more of what that was all about.