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more dreams

Virtual Swimming Pool
March 15, 2010


so many dreams.

one of my first dreams... a guy named Chris whom I knew from school, now grown a little more and wearing an orange suit. I saw his face - uncut blonde hair, blue eyes, quirky smile of questionable empathy - in other words he could be a psychopath - in real life is name is something else... paul I think.

in any case, he was driving some huge vehicle. had wheels i assume, but it looked like a giant geometric cocoon or something. it was maroon-colored. it had a pointy front and sheathes that bore more sheathes. strange vehicle, and it was huge, like the size of a greyhound bus. Somehow it was on my front lawn driving around. I think the driver was having fun, and I was dodging it, a little weary. The vehicle lost control and ran into the rhododendron bush, completely flattening it. When the vehicle moved out of the way there was no more rhododendron bush, only a little rubble. I thought of the rabbits that used that bush as their home (this is a true fact i recently learned, interesting that I did not associate the bush with Thom the cat, for whom i wrote a song about the rhododendon bush) , and i scampered over there to see if there were any signs of a hole in the ground where the rabbits might have been hiding.

I was worried about the rabbits, but i was also worried about what my parents were going to think of this missing rhododedron bush, and i was also pissed off because this kid wrecked my front lawn for what? cause he was playing around with his big dumb vehicle. There was another one of his coworkers there, surveying the damage. Neither of them were too repentant. I think they worked for the DPW, hence the orange suits.


so many dreams, some were like movie trailers, and they played more than once in my head.
a: i thought he was going to jingle his keys?
b: no he's gonna call us. I've been holding on to his keys [for years]
implying that he's s always getting drunk and unable to drive home.

VIRTUAL SWIMMING POOL! that was awesome. a virtual swimming pool. when you turn on the room and maybe some goggles, and then you're swimming. same resistance that water has but without the water. looks transparent and sloshes around but isn't quite as real was water. still works the same muscles, but you never get wet.

that same room becomes a virtual something else. you can run up the walls and around. gravity is there but not as strong. if you get up some speed you can run sideways along the walls. a good place to try out backflips and stuff you wouldnt normally try. you could also play a game where you shoot a smathering of blue balls out of a gun, like shotgun spray, and they widen in the air and then pop when they hit their target.

greg was there. dan was there. dan and I were going to play the blue ball game but then there other people there so we sat on the court and started smoking pot instead. Dan's little brother Kevin was there, and it may have been kevin who diffused the energy with which Dan and I were to reunite in competitive energy. He had a pipe full of very green pot. I nodded in approval, but I wanted to do something, so i got up from the sitting circle and started up the virtual swimming pool. couldnt get enough of that.

later on, one of my last dreams, was that Will was at the house (22 parker). he wanted to kill me, or at least hurt me. i was pretty sure he wanted to kill me, because i did something. i forget. i bit off the head of a wooden ladle, the wooden stirring stick that we use for scooping out frozen orange juice concentrate. it's a symbolic utensil because it's one of the oldest. I bit off the spoon part of it, on purpose, as an act of hate. but what brought me to my state of emotion? i forget. He then was talking to me from another part of the house. He was upstairs and would come down eventually so i stood at the threshold of both stairways to hear which stairway he would come down. I heard the front stairs. So i started towards the basement. I was careful not to creak the basement door too much, especially towards the end of closing it. it's a creaky door, so i had to leave it a little cracked. turned on the light and forgot to turn the light off. But i think he did not notice. I was down in the basement, inching towards the bulkhead door. If he came down, I would open the bulkhead and start running outside. I thought to myself that even though i'm in my socks, white socks, i was pretty good at running without shoes and i would be unstoppable if i really got up some speed. would run through the woods, through people's backyards, wherever i needed to go. outside of the house was virtual liberty. He would chase me, sure, but outside i could go anywhere.