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more dreams



i was going to see a movie at some little movie house that looked like a white clapboard house. there were a lot of people there, and lots of them were smoking weed. one girl had a big ol joint... i was going to ask her if i could have just one hit, because i knew that would do me, and i couldnt find my two friends with whom i was going to smoke. but then some other moocher cut in front of me and I decided fuck it.

then i found my two friends. i forget who they were. they were both whole foods employees, i think, because one realized he was not going to make it ( a no call no show), and i realized just in the nick of time that i had to work, so i left the movie house and started home on the freeway. I was far away, maybe in Woburn. I had to make it all the way to the other side of Wakefield (greenwood area) to get to Whole Foods. I would not make it by 2:30, but at least i would show up late and use PTO.

when i ran on the freeway i was able to glide, so i was actually going rather fast, like around 30 mph. it was like ice skating or rollerblading, but with shoes on asphalt. at one point i lost control rounding a bend, going too fast, and skidded into an off ramp area - some mud and dirt and leaves. there was someone else there, a skateboarder who took a fall in a puddle of mud too. There was a hill i had to walk up to get back on the road. this was taking too long.......

at work jenn jenn told me "i'm not sure what i want to do with you". I said, "am I needed? I'm late, so i'd have to use PTO, but it's whatever you want." she said, "no, you know what, go home. take the day off"

I was thankful, because now i could go home and wash those dishes i told my mom i'd wash. I had been with her and Nanny in some dug out space underground with nothing more than a tarp over the top. something was wrong, my mom was upset, maybe with Nanny. I wanted to make her life easier, so i told her I'd wash the dishes (especially since she had cooked)

at one point i was among many people again... there were to be two teams picked. the captains were picked arbitraritly. Dan DH was one of the captains. When asked who he wanted for his players, he said "the art students" instead of picking one by one. later i asked if that included me, since i had gone to the same art school briefly. it was ambiguous. I went into the house to look for a bathroom. the bathroom walls were vertical varnished wood clapboard.

later i was at a beach in brazil with Dan DH and some other home people. some little girl came up to me and asked to take my picture. I didn't understand waht she was saying so much, but i heard "foto" and "guero" so i thought she must want a picture of me because i was very white and obviously a tourist. the little girl's sister was sort of chaperoning and was not pleased when i made a face, sticking out my tongue (just playing, but she didnt appreciate it).

it was getting dark. there were lots of people at this beach, and some lights somewhere... there was a group of dancers that mesmerized me and Dan as we sat on our beach towels looking over at them. They were all singing in unison, but quietly. They were obviously rehearsing a routine for a later show. it involved chain-linking each other's arms and sort of whipping each other around - among other moves. the guy in front had a troubled look... i think he was very into it and was on the verge of tears as he sang.

I asked to my group "does anyone want to go swimming?" and no one was into it as i was. dan DH said 'your bathing suit is here if you want to go swimming'. it was apparently drying on a towel. but i had my runnning shorts on, which are just like a bathing suit. I was amazed at how warm the water was for an ocean. it wasn't bath water, but it was luke warm. I went in a little farther. something brushed my leg. I thought it was a fish or something, but it was just a piece of flotsam, and it was in fact something that i had had back at the white clapboard movie house. I picked it up and brought it back with me to the towels. it was some kind of laminated rule sheet. I ran back to the towels, smiling, and at that point i felt i could see myself, and i looked good and in shape. running didn't hurt either, so my injury must have been long gone. "you guys gotta check it out, it's so warm!"

come to think of it, the group of dancers could have happened after i went in the water as easily as before.