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more dreams

Aug 3, 2010

"Unhinge!" was the battlecry as we all began traversing the flat roa/desert, ready to make our plan of swining F150'si work. we had rehearsed it once already, and it went up in flames. we had used dummies dressed like us (some were in flannels..) it had required long stteeel cable, , five or six trucks, a vast area in the southwest to practice... we must have been well funded. I was the slighthtly overweight guy with no shirt and brighly colored short shorts. I was a sideline character but trusted to do my job. play my role correctly. There was one other guy who at oine point we had thhis whole little scene where we got together and while he was asleep decided that the reason the rehearsal didnt work was that he was too fat. so we picked him up and dunked him in the swamp nearby, murky green water. his mouth was open and his soutnge was wpven btweeen the ribs of a CFL lightbulb. We threw him in and within seconds hI could feel the bubbles and movement under the water. He sprang up, naturally disturbed that we dwould have done that.

I remember previously, as one character ssaid he was too fat. it was cinematic. it was truacking in on her, and i remember that hte picture was gritty. some post productio would be necessary. she said that's why the truck trick did not work, and it was understood that he needed to be jolted into faster action, hence the dunking in the water.

the truck trick was to drive them through the sesert and down through a valley, up the hills and then have them fall back on eachother. all the drivers would jump out of th trucks when whey were fallin gthrouh miair, adn being attached to the steel cables, theyw ould remain suspended in the air while the rucks feel to the ground and esxploded. This trick was not just for fun, it was necessary to do for some reason, to save ourselves. the rehearsal had not gone right hbecuase someone was short of cable. And now we were unsure if we had enough cable to make it work.

the morning before we went, the guy who got dunked had a bath, we gave him a bath with two eggs. the two eggs would cook and scramble around him in the water around him while he sat in the cbathrub, boiling. this was normal. I was whistling or doing something bi labilially. he asked for some privacy and i said "oh sure" and walked into taother oom, where the other characters were playing some strange game. , involving taking hte top off of a coffee filter. ... a glas cup with a cofee filter kind of metal contraptio at the top, similar to the cofeee i had theother other day. they were also being lieisurely before the big day. I think people were nervous and unsure if they would survive the truck trick = it had blown up during rehearsal - but everyone seems to act comfortably. . it gave me a litle confidence.

I dont know why Unhinge was our battlecry, but we all said it together as we began moving. it must have been the most important move we were to make during the truck trick.