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more dreams

Turtle attack on Town Day
July 24, 2010


wakefield was preparing for a big day, like the fourth of july, but it wasn't. still, people were out and about early. main street by the churches was showing more signs of pedestrian life at 7 am than most days see at noon or 5 pm. chairs were being set out. the sun was bright. it was expected to be hot. it was already hot. pastel colored shirts and kahkis, children, parents. it might have been Flea Market Day or something like that. feels like ive dreamed about that before. a day that includes games for kids and so forth, like Midsummer's Night.

i had just previously been down at the lake with my parents. they were waiting for me to finish something. some mention of france had been made. were they suggesting i go to france? I started away from them, towards the other end of the lake. now i was at the front of the common, by the water fountain. i was trying ot take pictures of hte sky. the clouds were patterened in a particular way. no use trying to describe that. smooth, swift, high, 2's and 3's, not puffy but wind swept. pink . i have a picture somewhere of clouds like these.

I was running down the street taking video with my point and shoot of the telephone poles -there were hundreds, folding in on eachother. cartoonish, illusory. the sun was beathing through them in rays as i ran down the street, follwing a couple skateboarders. My camera battery was running out. [this was by far the most enthralling part of my dream, as the visuals were clearly not realistic, it was like the feeling of perspective and telephoto expanded. telephone poles piling on eachother like logs in the back of a truck; the sun all the while sending rays through them from the right].

at the end of the street were some puddles. I hear a little croak, or somsething inbetween a chirp and croak. It was a baby turtle. around it there were some adult turtles, and one got angry and started flopping/jumping around to protect the baby. i tried to ease out of the area as gracefully as possible to not upset the turtles anymore. But one turtle lunged at me and I had to whap it. I swung at it with something, perhaps the camera that was in my hand. it disappeared. I started off back down the road and then noticed yards away, the turtle hinged under a chain link fence, bleeding green, half empty, seemingly dead but then it began to writhe, it was still alive. it could have avoided this if it had not been so brave to actually move into my path and try to attack me.

again i hit it, trying to aim at its head and neck to quickly put it out of its misery. it was bouncy and difficult. as if its neck was made of 'stuffed animal' instead of real animal.

then I remembered a movie where a turtle incident had happened. it was like pulp fiction but the bank robbers at the beginning was the whole movie, and there weren't just two, there was a group of 6 or 7. and one guy at one point shot a turtle while sitting at table with a lot of food. then they started to get freaked out that they'd get in trouble so they left the establishment and all the food there. the last guy picked up as much food as he could before leaving the scene.