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I was hurling in some giant metal contraption from Hillcrest dormitory, across the river, landing somewhere on the steps of an anthropology or science faculty. My grand entrance so to speak was to help my odds in passing the class, but i had no paperwork pertaining to Iowa academics. some unused Iowa papers i had transformed by splitting in half into scratch paper, and i pointed this out to my Mother when she scrambled through a trapper keeper to find my schedule of classes. I had nothing pertaining to Iowa. Lost on the first day. But what an entrance. something i must have been doing right. The contraption was about the size, shape and look of the kind of trellis you might find bordering the stage of a music concert. of its own inertia it knocked against a curb, flipping it upwards. I acrobatically swung from its bars to stay on top, surfing it to safety. I knew that if I did not land correctly with it every time that it could kill me. I also knew that it would not make it across the river if I did not maneuver it the right way. I reached my destination, the entrance of a faculty building, with a loud clump and a little debris, but unscathed. I was proud of my navigation, but still unsure if prepared for the class.