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Tornado in Massachusetts
May 9, 2010


I sat down with my lunch tray in the high school cafeteria next to David Marxuach, my first year college roomate, whom i recently befriended on Facebook but have not yet spoken to. I did not speak to him at the lunch table either, but i felt comfortable sitting next to him and did not feel as though i had to speak. Across from me, two tables down was Ting, with whom I am not on speaking terms, thus it made sense not to sit next to her at lunch in the high school cafeteria.

I had my headphones on. I was comfortable with my hoodie and my headphones, eating lunch by myself and not saying anything. But then I saw Ting saying something to me. I took my headphones off, and i heard her say "There's a tornado right there!"

I looked up through what must have been a glass ceiling and saw the tornado very close to the school. I did not hesitate, but jumped up and started runnning down the halls. I stopped and waited for Ting to catch up. I know a place, I told her, where we can go to be safe.

It was a kind of large room-like mail slot that I'm sure i have dreamt of before. It was on the other side of the school, blocks away, and we had to run through the maze of halls to get there. We were on the third or second floor, and the thought crossed my mind that it might be better to be on the bottom floor... or outside? anyone's guess, but we had to run.

The mail slot was more like a solid panic room with only one entrance that you had to crawl through. not many people knew about it. the tornado felt as though it was gaining on us, but the dream ended before