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Tornado again
May 15, 2011


tornado again. this dream had nice timing and feel, even though it was scary.

i was in my house, alone, in the basement. I think my parents might have been there, way upstairs asleep. I never saw the tornado this time, only felt the house lift a few meters off the ground and spin. it lasted for a few minutes. I had been fearing the whole time the moment at which the wind would finally rip through the structure and start shredding everything, blowing it into my face and killing me. but it didnt, and when the tornado left, the house dropped back down to the ground. after a pause and maybe some creaks, I could feel the house was about to collapse. in a panic, I burst through two wooden latices towards the daylight outside, and right at that moment the floor above fell on top of me. I squirmed and wriggled my way out of it, but it was a close call. I made it outside and my parents and brother were there. I hugged my dad and said thank god you're alive.