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more dreams

happy ting / Lost in Norway


my unconscious mind seems to be breaking from reality, in that now in my dreams Ting and I are together and happy, whereas before my dream would be exactly like real life - she wouldn't speak to me, she hated me, it was hard to get her attention.
last night we were somewhere that felt like Wakefield Common. it was a nice day, she had her khaki shorts on and looked good. We were talking and enjoying each other, but i dont remember about what.

This whole NOrway thing... strange. Stacy was going to a party celebration for sarah ___, the editor, and it was in norway. I saw John Hayes who was going with Sarah Mertz. I told them i was going to the party and did they want to come? They did, and they got on a white airplane, and then i didnt see them again, but tried to call them when i was there. I also tried to call Stacy but only got her father on the phone, and the volume was very low. I ended up saying "i'll try calling her and see what happens" and hung up.

Meanwhile, I had a car and a jacket in Norway that was not mine. Everything was white. The coat was a long-tailed thing with golden and/or red buttons, and the car was almost a bicycle. I actually had to pedal it. it looked like one of those way old-timey cars (like before the model T), and it was white too.

I backed it into something and scratched the surface of the building. I think it was a school. I think there was snow on the streets, which made it more difficult to drive. I was looking for a mini mart to buy some cigarettes, but nowhere did i find them. I came across what looked like a congregation of college students, perhaps outside a university. so i made my way among those smoking and asked in a meak tone if I could bum a cigarette. There was a little confusion, and i said "tobacco", and they said "we dont smoke that, we dont like tobacco" - and i saw that what they had been smoking were roach clips of hash or weed. OH. it was going to be difficult to find cigarettes in norway. and even if i did find them, i probably couldnt just smoke them anywhere on the streets without offending people.

These guys took me in, but they ended up stealing my car. I also lost my jacket somewhere along the driving route, so i ran back a little ways to see if i could locate it in the snow. That's when one of the guys took my car and when i came back to ask for it, only one guy was left, and he was giggling and saying he didnt know. they might have taken it.

I set off to look for my car. I ended up at some bar, and i think the owner was latino. He was doing coke on the table and offered me some. he had two different types, one that looked whiter than the other. I refrained at first, because I didnt want to lose my wits. I think i was stilll looking for a cigarette too, and didnt want to do anything harder until I knew i would be able to smoke.

i never got ahold of stacy or john, and never got to to the party. It was expected to be a huge party, reminiscent of the other parties that Whole Foods has had (yes, i was obviously building this narrative off of the parties i've heard about among whole foods employees)