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more dreams

Ting Warmth


we were at a wedding. i was not too happy to be there. i forget who was gettting married. there were not many people there. the food was not that great. my mom and brother were there.

ting was there. at some points she ignored me, at others she was just not friendly to me. there was a moment though where we both lay down together and were looking in each other's eyes, and we had a moment of communication. I told her I suspected that she did the same thing I did,.... trying to make each other mad sometimes by saying a certain thing or not saying anything at all, or talking to other people. she didnt outright admit to it, but her reponse, although vague, seemed to affirm it. She was still beautiful in my eyes and i was happy to share that moment with her. I was able to hold her for a second and the embrace felt good. then she disappeared to somewhere else. we never kissed.