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more dreams

Ting Warm encounter no make-up


within 20 minutes of being awake and refusing breakfast, i was already being told "me cago en tu puta madre, vete de mi casa!"

but before that, I was in a long dream where I was having sex with various women, and none of them were the one now screaming expletives in my face.

most memorably, i had a reuniting dream with Ting. She looked beautiful, natural, with shoulder length hair and no makeup. She was smiling. She was standing very close to me; later we were horizontal... she breathed heavily, saying "do you want to... can we have sex?" i wanted to so badly. I felt like the moment was fragile and I did not want to say or do anything too abrupt to spoil it. I nodded and smiled and breathed heavily in response "yes" - we touched and it felt so good. I remembered briefly that I was in a relationship. I was trying to remember the face of my girlfriend. It was Helen. Helen's visage appeared. Then it changed, and Maite appeared. No, It was Maite. But i didnt care. I was willing to forget everything in that moment for one warm encounter with Ting.

leaving the place after the practice was over, I realized i left my backpack in the locker room. I hoped no one would take my camera. I biked back and found it. Outside the place was like outside the vocational school in wakefield. we left through a backdoor that you could not get back into without a key. somehow i got in. maybe someone else was just coming out.

at another point in the dream, there was some kind of parade at night down one street. Lots of people around. I saw Stacy on the bench on the side of the parade. it was so dark. She had long hair. i stopped in front of her and kicked the bench as if to say hello. She was surprised that i was there. she was sitting with friends whom i did not particuarly know.

Other people I might have known in the parade. it seemed like everyone in the parade also had a virtual counterpart, a facebook account or some kind or profile that you could check instantly (hyperreality), and it became integrated in how people dealt with each other.

enmeda or meda meant girl in spanish.

I texted Anton with an exlamation point when i saw him there in the parade at a distance. Saeko may have been there at the parade too. Anton texted me back and we spoke briefly. I forget what i had seen him doing.

I was on a boat earlier in the night. I only brought one change of clothes, but the other participants said we would be there for 3-4 days. There was food laid out. some people's responsibilities were to cook it for the others. I forget what the boat's expedition was alll about.
i feels as though i was there for a while, and i think this boat part was an important part of my entire dreamscape last night. too bad i cant remember more if it.