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more dreams

Ting and Micah


i went to ting's house, to try to find her and speak with her. i just wanted closure. her apartment was more spacious than in general.

she had been out with someone and was not home. to get to her place, i had had to walk down a street with a high school on it. it was a fancy sort of street, but sparce too. she lived in the outskirts of a town and it took her a while to get from there to downtown and back. there may have been a swamp too. there always seems to be a swamp at the outskirts of town.

she had been out with Micah (who at certain points was Chris McLean). I was a little envious because i i still lliked her, but even more i just wanted to be over her. I thought Micah was a good guy and I approved of her seeing him. I tried to tell her that. I asked for just a minute... I started to talk about myself, and she walked away. as she was walking away i tried to say "I like Micah, he's a good guy, i'm glad you're seeing him, i just-" but she didnt hear that. Micah was there, and he did a subtle sympathetic laugh and pointed out that she didnt hear that last part.

Later i was in her house with her. she let me take a shower. she opened a little bit and spoke, but i dont remember what she said. it was soft.


in my dream there is hope with you.
how sad to wake up.