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more dreams

Thomas Clone

at twenty two parker we had a clone of tomas. he was super affectinate. the clone was my idea. Will had a clone for himself., of a deer from some previous story , obviously taken from last nights episode of fargo. the cloned deer didnt turn out that well, he was kind of a dude, and he satayed sitting on one of Will’s shelves in his closet. I asked Will what he want what he would do with the deer, and he sort of just shrugged.

earlier, Stacy and I were tobether, hiking or trying to get somewhere. We were in her car. We were on top of a cliff, a , on a piee of land that was cliff on all sides. The whole thing started to collapse, and I thought we might die. it seemed sure that we sould. The piece of land was at least one hundred meters tall, there was no way to survive. and it went crashing down . i tried to roll when i landed… myabe i could get out with just a few broken bones and a concuussion. there was something majestic and loving about the moment of death though. I was proud to… i was glad to be with Stacy. Still, it was sad that we had been unfortunate enought o be on a cliff that would classpse.

there was a goose who was tied up, csaught by a ribbon attaching his neck and one of his arms. at first the goose protested when i tried to help it, naturally pecking and batting its head back and forth. but somehow i convinced the goose that i was tring to help. I remember eing very conscious of my tone of voice and movements. then the goose actually jumped into my artms and i could feel its hind legs embrace me. the feeling of them was more animal tnd less goose. more mammal. and i think we talked too. he told me that he had been tied up like this for a while, that it was very painful. I held him and asked someone to bring me scissors or a blade. eventually i cut the knote free and….