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more dreams

The Wolf Ate Thomas.
May 18, 2009


at 22 parker, in the fenced off area where we used to put bonnie, there was a wolf. The wolf had bad intentions but acted on them only if they were convenient.
Thomas the cat became interested in the wolf, possibly in showing the wolf its superiority, and so he crept up next to it, through the open latch. I kept warning thomas not to go near the wolf. He kept going. I became frantic and worried. Thomas was inching up next to the wolf, almost like a giant inch worm more than a cat. The wolf began eating Thomas, shuffling it into its muzzle like a thick noodle.

all this time i knew my mom and dad were watching from the sunporch. i had yelled to them for help but they did not come. I should not have left the latch open. I should not have let thomas crawl into the wolf's den by himself.