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more dreams

The Dog Likes Blue


I was in my third floor, and there were two of me. One at 30 years old, one who was 20 or 21. at first the younger version of me was just on video tape, but later became real. or i became him. something like that. he was on a VHS tape that was some kind of porno that had been taped over.

later on i was getting a drink at a water fountain, and a husky dog sat on my head. he must have been up on top of a second tier of the water fountain. I wasn't threatened or anything. the owners came over, as i sat there bent over while the dog sat on my back and head. first a woman and then her boyfriend. the woman said her husky liked anything that was the color blue. apparently because my eyes were blue, the dog liked me. then when the dog got off she showed me... the dog liked the blue ball, the blue car...