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more dreams

Terrorists and Tornadoes
April 22, 2010


I was to be an undercover agent embedded with taliban or some group of terrorists in order to find out where they had their weapons and such. I was a little cautious, in a new place, a new apartment bulding. my brother sent me but i remember asking him "and if they realize i dont speak arabic?" and i think he assured me that I wasn't expected to. ok, so i'm an american joining the taliban for some reason...

there was a girl with me who was also an undercover agent. it wasnt ting or stacy...

but i was alone when i saw out my apartment window that something was being mashed up on the horizon. it was a tornado. the tornado was growing closer. I got up and ran to the where the terrorists were. at first they pointed guns at me, unsure of what i was all about, but when i told them a tornado was coming and gestured to them so that they would understand, they became alarmed and opened the door to their bunker that had all the weapons in it. They saw as I did the enormous hurricane that was just blocks away and approaching. We all got down on teh ground and started harnessing ourselves to some structures, whatever we could find... a strap or belt to a pole or heavy thing. The thing got so close i had to shut my eyes. I held my eyes closed for about 10 seconds, and i had a feeling that I would die. I sat and waited for my consciousness to be knocked out by some heavy object. I suspected that i might not feel anything, that it would be too fast for me to feel pain. I heard the gnashing and whirling of the tornado and saw a white light start to crack open through my eyes. this will be my death, i thought, and i was somewhat sad, but somewhat accepting too.

It passed. the terrorists were all okay, as was my partner agent. I looked at her and said, "i had to close my eyes... did you have them open? did you see it?" her eyes were now ghostly and pale and she looked shocked. she nodded slowly looking off into space.

Later we were outside in a parking lot, and I was going home, but the tornado reappeared. this time we couldnt actually see the funnel cloud, but entire buildings were swirlling around the horizon. this scared me, the sheer power of the wind plus the chance they could land crashing on top of me.