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more dreams

Teletipiresidential Mode

i was drinking tea through one of those hospital tubes where urine goes. I was on the third floor of my house, alone at night. a computer in the other room sounded like it was typing. I thought maybe it was haunted by a ghost, but the screen had a window that said "this computer is in 'teletipiresidential' mode", and i knew that somehow meant it was being typed on from a remote location.

we had returned from a seminar about something. Me, my brother, and my mom. my brother had our cat Phillip in his hands.

At the seminar there was a woman with a big ass who no one found attractive except me. I think the seminar had something to do with animal communication techniques, and in demonstrating hers, the woman shook her ass wildy and her thong showed.

There was also a Cat there. At the time, he was just a big cat, but now that I remember, he was rather humanlike. he had expressive eyes and we were able to communicate in exchanged smiles. He scratched the dry spot on my elbow and I smiled and closed my eyes. I looked at him again and he did it again. I smiled, closed my eyes, and looked away, then put my head on my hands and purred. I think i was the cat.

On the third floor,

it was late, the house was quiet. My dad called from below.


no answer.


My mother answered from the second floor


Then something... then...



"You have a telephone call"


I woke up , and wondered who had been calling.