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more dreams

Swimming-flying, sea level rising.
Feb 18, 2009


this was a first. i was flying, but not in the line drive run-and-glide way i have in the past, and not in the swooping way I would after catching a drift. this time, i was swimming. down residential streets in the afternoon. there were trucks, people, groceries, whatever. I was walking, then suddenly i just jumped up and became horizontal, about 10 feet above the ground. there was no water visible, and the feeling of the swimming was not as resistant as real water, but still somewhat resistant.

on my to Mike's house, i was walking. then i decided to swim to get there faster. i jumped up but noticed that i had to go much farther up before i became horizontal. the sea level was rising! now i had to be about 30 feet above the ground. this concerned me a little.

I practiced my stroke. i was doing a freestyle with a sort of dolphin kick. i was working on my sine wave.

i touched down at Mike's house.
Mike and Rawin were there. Someone's black pick up truck was outside the house, and the person whose truck it was did not immediately take kindly to me. I had to talk to him first. forget what i said, but he warmed up to me, in a sympathetic way.
I did not stay long. I left, intuiting that the sea level rise was something i needed to devote some thought to.

[analysis: I downloaded Major Tom (völlig losgelöst) from Limewire last night, after not having heard the song in years. that german means "completely detached". indeed, i was völlig losgelöst von der erde.]