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more dreams

Sunrays, and she was talking to me

Ting was talking to me again. but she kept it short. we were texting at one point, but i think we had spoken to each other in person once. we were making plans to see each other again, possibly for breakfast.

there was a sunrise that i was trying to be well positioned for re: photography, but more important to me was not running into her when it was important not to, and only seeing her when she was ready and all was good. supposedly it was going to be, and we were going to go to breakfrast or something.

There was a track, hills... idk. there was running and photography...
one of her friends was coming down from the hill, across the plain, near the school or institution of some sort? and told me she was in bathroom or away for a second doing something, which gave me a moment to go where i was going without the fear of running into her.

the bit about Ting was so gripping that i dont remember much else.

all in all it was a vague dream, but two things i remember. there was golden sunlight, and she was talking to me.