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more dreams

Staircase in Raider Country
Feb 15, 2009

I was arguing with my mother the logistics of treating my 2nd grade class to the steep incline of a giant stairway, apparently in Raider country, as one woman with her black Raiders t-shirt crossed the street to let her little girl give it a try. The girl let go of her pink balloon, and it hobbled up the stairs and out of sight onto the first or second platform. I just watched. I was going to run up the stairs and retreive the balloon for the girl, but instead i just watched. the woman went up the stairs. She had black jeans on. She came back with a black nerf football. My mother was there and I said, "hey that woman didnt come with a football, she came with a pink balloon." and my mother suggested that i was discriminating because of the raider t-shirt. but i wasn't. "no, she took the football because the balloon popped when it got to the top."

the staircase was going to be a great attraction for my kids, but there was a problem. There was a black hand rail (is black the default color for everything dark in my dreams? what about a nice typical bench-green? oh well) going down the center of the top platforms. My mother tried to argue that the kids would want to start from the top when sliding down, but i insisted that the girls would not want to use the rail, and that we would have to start the sliding from the bottom part of the staircase where there was no rail.

something else had happened, forgotten now.