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Spotty Woods

i was in a woods, not sure where that woods was. maybe canada. maybe somewhere in california. maybe it was in vermont? it was somewhere away from home. my mom would send packages of food. she sent so much that my food was going bad. there was butter and cheese and cookies and other things. for some reason i was no refrigerating it. maybe we didnt have a refrigerator, or maybe there just wasnt enough space. this had something to do with how comfortable i was around my cabin mates. I seemed to be somewhat aloof from them. Haley Wrubel was one of them. she was cutting down a tree that almost fell on me while i sat next to my favorite tree. I knew they were going to cut down a tree across from the path and a little uphill, and i guess i went straight to my favorite tree and sat down because i didnt want the tree they were cutting down to fall on it. it feel pretty quickly and i had to jump out of the way. hayley exclaimed "we almost hit steve" but i yelled back that I knew you were cutting down a tree, i was paying attention.
this idea that i had a favorite tree interests me. it was a fine tree, much like its neighbors... why did i choose that tree? maybe i had had a good moment alone there, or maybe it was in a good place, far enough away from base camp but close enough.
There were two places i resided, because i remember having to go back from one to the other to check on the food, or to receive mail. my belly was getting large. i need to exercise. two guys were talking about something personal on a picknic table and i had to step over one of their feet to get to where i was going. i think i was looking for cigarettes.
i was swimming at one point in the dream, i believe it was in a pool, but also likely in natural water systems.
the dream was spotty; the narrative was not a strong thread.