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more dreams

January 28, 2010


I was in Reading. Reading was such a cooler town than Wakefield. It has nice shops and people walked more often. It felt like Clement and 6th in San Francisco. It wasn't winter either. on top of if all, there was a place called Splez or something like that where computer software gurus including FCP editors could go to find small gigs. It worked almost like a lunch cafeteria. You got your assignment and went to sit down and get it done. If you didn't get it done in time or correctly it would be put back in the queue. If you did do it correctly and on time, you'd earn points (or money?) that increased your value.
I saw Graz there and asked him about it. I was very interested. I did try it once, but failed. I forget what my task was. I knew i could get the hang of it though. It was dark, after all, i could barely see the computer.

Later on we were in an auditorium, Graz was the codirector of something we were about to see. A woman was the other director. I was introduced to her briefly. I think she also ran the Splez place.

Leaving that place, i walked down the hill and saw Ben Otto. Ben and I talked politiely and calmly, as we know we dont always get along. I was very impressed though with what Ben had done. He had scaled that entire mountain. That one! I looked up, and it was a cavernous tall landmark outside of town, like the Bufa, and possibly also inspired by the snow boulder I saw yesterday while running. There was a bottle neck, a thin part of the rock that billowed out into an enormous boulder suspended above it. I wanted to go there too. I may have tried, i forget.

One of the voices on the phone during some task at the Splez place was that of Ed, my old boss at the Wakefield audio programming job. He had recorded the message describing office hours or something, which made me think that maybe he was short on voice talent and was now assuming the role himself to compensate. I went to his place.

When i got there i didnt notice too much different. There were poeple there I didn't know, his mother, his daughter, his son (in real life he only has a son). maybe an aunt. Some other unrelated people. I sat down and he told me about something that had happened, an accident of some sort. It's true, he looked different now. almost like a burn victim, his thick italian features now thinned and freckled. One eye was bloodshot and more caved in. I told him so. i was just observing. Not sure he liked hearing it. but such was the case He also had a problem with mucus constantly oozing... but the main problem was that part of his brain had to be removed. I asked him which part. he pointed to it. i think it was in the back. I assumed that was the reason for all the other conditions. Never very comfortable in Ed's office and now even less so, I was looking for a way to leave.