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Special Flight
April 07, 2010


there was a special plane going back home, and we could have gotten tickets for it, except I dilly dallyed and in the end the digital billboard at the entrance of the carpeted hallway said there would be no more tickets allowed for the special flight.

I had been there alone at first and seen the offer. I went to find karla, to let her know that this was possible and to see if she wanted to go. It was not easy to talk to her. We were a little contentious as always, but i was being patient. She knew all my faults and she was hesitatnt to warm up to me, but with a little time she did, in a silent way. She had a magazine that was at least 50 pages thick, and one or two of the pages had been detached from their binding. I looked at them. they were for some kind of art seminar. something that began with T. I asked her about this. Was its something she really wanted to do? the amount of response I remember from her and the visual vagueness of her creation in my dream is indicative of how she's faded from my memory. Still, i remember feeling a closeness to her.

When we arrived at the carpeted entrance of the hallway, (in some building that may have been in a country other than USA or mexico), we were disappointed to find that they would not offer us tickets anymore. someone i had been speaking to before suggested to hide ourselves in the cargo area, but I dont think in the end we did that.