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Sinking Titanic, Killing Robots


sinking titanic/killing robots

we were on the titanic and it was sinking.

before it sank, we were having a good time, there were like Whole Foods demos happening. one involved laying rope around a field. there were some orange hazard cones and this looked like it was gearing up to be an obstacle course of some kind. I had done it before, as had jeremy who i think was there. we were seasoned, but we couldnt stay and play again. this was an orientation for the new employees.

later on, we were on the titanic. there were art exhibits and installations. I walked through rooms and there was a black girl, kinda cute, doing some kind of dance or mimicry as part of an installation. she was dressed in black i think, with some kind of red going on. she was making high pitched noises, and because i was the only one around, she sort of involved me in her act. it turns out she was acting like a baby cat. that was her installation. at the very end of her performance, she somehow scooted across the room but left her hands near me, and those hands cupped my face. I was thoroughly impressed. I didnt know what it was all about so i asked her and that's when she told me "i was playing a baby cat." and i said "ah..." expecting that there was more to the meaning of the installation/performance.

we became friends and wanted to see each other again, but the ship started sinking. they were on the other side of the boat, so i ran up to the top part that would sink last and waited for them, assuming they would come up to the same point from the other side. I did not find them. As the boat reached it's final sinking point, I was there going down with it. once in the water, there was a stairwell as if to a subway station. I held my breath and started descending the steps as if walking (but in water). I saw another older man doing the same. it was stoic. but then i remembered, wait, i can swim, I dont need to do this. so i came back up to the surface and floated. I remember thinking the water was not so cold, that it should be colder to be more accurate.

later on we were in a car... the people actually did not look familiar, but they were my friends. greg might have been there. most of them were dark haired. we were in a limo or black sedan of some kind, driving into the city. somehow we had gotten some cocaine. I was trying to dip into my bag a little while we were driving and without letting the drivers see. another person had a smaller bag of cocaine that at one point i found and gave back to him. Nathaniel could have been his name. I did manage to get a little coke in me before dinner, and I felt speedier. Dinner was around a table and it didnt last long because -

People started turning into robots and trying to kill us. At first it was easy to tell who was a robot and who was not, but later on the robots started dressing like humans and some had flesh. I was slashing with an ax i had, left and right, left and right, every robot that came at me. with one slash i was able to kill a robot. I tried to gather my friends but it was a ruckus. we were at the back hallway of some open room like a gym. I may have accidentally chopped a human being instead of a robot. I tried not to look too hard at what i'd done, for fear it was true. I did not feel horrible, i felt like it was a cost that had to be paid; with all the craziness of robots running at me, there was little time to think.