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more dreams

Short Cut + Crocodile


i was with two or three other people. we were in a swamp, trying to escape a giant crocodile who was apparently trying to eat us. the crocodile must have been the size of a school bus or bigger. I remember hitting the water first, after capsizing our boat. it was supposed to be alright. in fact one of the others turned over the boat purposely into the lake because we were going to do something there... water ski? the lake was murky and thick.

now i remember, greg was there. he was driving the car. it was his idea to take the "short cut" and drive across the lake. He had apparently done it before and thought that the car could make it without sinking if it went fast enough. the windswept waves were different today though and they slowed down the progress of the car to the point that we had to turn over in the water. it had not been too big of a deal, but then we hadn't known yet about the dinosaur/crocodile.