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more dreams

Search for Phillip


“he probably doesn’t have more than…. a week,” I said to my mom, evaluating the health of Philliip. He was in his last days, weak, dizzy. I was spending all my time with him, knowing that this was it. Mom agreed reluctantly that a week was probably accurate. Phillip was loving as ever. He perked up at one point and surprised me when he trotted around the side yard at 22 parker, even climbed a few feet of a tree. there were 3 other larger cats, friendly, not antagonistic, that Phillip was showing me off to. I followed Phillip around as he explored the yard, which seemed to take on california desert vegetation, then later a quilty aspect. We went into a place where musicians were playing, a bar with open mic. people brought their guitars and amps. there I lost track of Phillip and the search began. someone was helping me who was not part of the family. I think it was Josh Brolin. There was a No Country for Old Men interminable desperation about the situation. He went out to look but came back emnpty handed. He took a Claritin or something to wake up when one of the girls of the dorm (22 parker now resembled a co-ed dorm) mentioned that she used these pills to stay awake to study. despite protest and incredulity, he popped apill and went to his room where his roommate was sleeping, pulled a new t-shirt out of a plastic bag of clothes, and set out to continue the search. I ws grateful. The basement of 22 parker may have been the place where the music was happening. There was definitely stereo music playing loud in the afternoon, like a bbq that had emnptied out into the yard. I asked someone to turn the music off while I call for Phillip. They turned it off and the basement was silent and large. i made chirping sounds and called for Phillip, going from one room to the next. No luck. as I told someone, he was right here and doing fine, resting on top of an amp, on what looked like a white bed sheets bunched up, then suddenly gone. a girl suggested that we also open a window to let the birds flying around a way to get out of the basement. there were 3 or 4 small black birds darting back and forth from one end to the other, not realizing (nor the girl) that the far end fo the bsmenet was completely open to the front yard, there was no wall.
I was hopeful we wold find Phillip but starting to get seriously worried. He was so frail and small…
I dont think we found him before I woke up.