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Saving a Baby Cow


a lot happened last night, and i decided i wouldnt try to write any of it down, because my mom just sent me bed sheets and a fleece cover and now my bed is super comfortable. I was going to let this dream just slip into oblivion, but i still remember it 6 hours later (I had woken up at 3 am, dehydrated from too much beer and not enough water)

Something was wet and biting my arm. at first I was threatened but when i turned around I saw it was a baby cow. incredibly cute innocent baby cow. its back must have been no more than 2 feet off the ground. I started to pet it a lot, and became enamored with it. I suddenly felt weary and bad, because of where we were... we were in a rich man's mansion, and this man kept this baby cow as a decoration piece, not a pet. he did not love him. he kept him secluded in a room with no other animals. I mentioned this to him. I said the baby cow had no other animals to play with, that he must be incredibly lonely. the man didnt seem to care. I made it my mission to get that cow out of the mansion and take it with me. I thought about how difficult it might be to take care of, especially when it grows big. but no matter, i knew it would be better than here.

There was a party going on, and in every room something was going on. a roulette table, a pool table, a ball room... people were well dressed and not paying much attention to me. I found a couple pairs of sunglasses that i thought were mine, but when i realized they werent i threw them in a dumpster, and for a second feared being caught and reprimanded for having thrown someone elses glasses away. but no one caught me.

I never got the cow clear from the mansion... he was being difficult because he didnt know what was going on, but i didnt blame him. i just wanted to help.