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Running on the beach at dusk

running on the beach at dusk.

where was the beach? it had to have been west coast somewhere, because the sun was setting over it. but it was thick and hazy, so the sun only shown like a light behind a bedsheet. the sand and sky were textured and visible, and i would scan the view left to right to left to look for the least wet parts to run on. I really enjoyed running at that moment, but i was in my workboots, so felt a little clunky. i was between two people. there was a runner behind me and one in front. i followed the one in front when i couldnt determine the best route myself. we were basically running on completely flat open beach at low tide. at one point i saw ripples of water ahead with no way to get around. eventually when i got closer, i found a part of it that was only a cm or so deep. i felt water enter and touch my toes at certain points.

I eventually made it to where the water was growing. there had been a wave advisory, and i saw some people that looked like authorities standing by, as if they were ski instructors. one of them was talking into a walkie talkie. there was a 1 or 2 foot high bunker and i stayed behind it, because i knew i couldnt run any farther into the ocean after that point.

the greatest thing was the open flat beach and copper-brown dusk that the sun merely glowed through. I was listening to some music at the moment that was perfect.... i forget...