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more dreams

Running Away with Cows


i was running away from some thugs who wanted to beat me up for some reason. i might have also had some important information they wanted. sometimes dreams are like video games except you cant kill anyone, you can just sort of keep them back long enough by punching them strategically or kicking them in the knees. I did a lot of punching when these guys came close. i may have gotten punched a couple times too. mostly i was running. I was running away with a mother cow and her two babies. they were black and white spotted cows. her two babies were short legged so they could run easily. they spoke to each other in their own language, which sounded complex. we were traversing all sorts of landscape, but mostly crusted hard melted plant material, like a hardened lava canopy. it would dip but never fall through. the bad guys finally caught up to me in some gymnasium, but i woke up on some cue, afraid i'd be late for work. I had been very concerned and caring of the cows, and i think this inspired me to fight them.

Earlier, Stacy and I were practicing recording audio with some device. it was tricky for some reason but we were resourceful and made it work. I think it used tape.

At one point i was in the upstairs of a mall, in a clearing, on rollerskates, or perhaps on a bike doing no-hands, and Gloria Hynds was talking to some young girl at a bench. The young girl had her back turned to me, so i didnt get to see her, but Gloria saw me and said something. I smiled and explained while passing by on my wheels that Stacy and I were doing some recordings. I was really excited about the recordings.

I was in the bathroom pissing, and i had put the recorder down on another stall. Jeremy Collins came in. he was wearing his whites. He put out a finger and was going to slowly touch the recorder. I told him not to touch it. He did anyway. I said, "When i'm done pissing i'm going to punch you." and as i wrapped it up, I made motions as if to seem that i was preparing to punch, but i really wasnt.