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more dreams

Rollerskiing with Stacy in San Francisco

stacy and I were rollerblading from the top of a hill in san francisco. speeding as if we were skiing, tucking and inclining around curves like skiing on ice, scraping across the asphalt. there were no cars and the streets were wide, and I stood up to glide down the middle of a round wide street, behind stacy, and said, “I’m going to miss these hills!”

before that i was in NYC. I was doing something shady, something with drugs or prostitution. There were 3 or 4 other people invnolved. I was outside on the stoop waiting for things to begin, and my brother walked in the door with sunglasses on. He was an undercover reporter there to bust the scene. When he found out that I was there he stopped doing the story but the event also stopped. we left.

After the bust, I was waiting to cross the street with all the other people, and I was fixated on one of the girls my brother had come with, who was wearing a green skirt and pantyhose. Stacy was there and she told me that she had dreamt everything exactly as it happened. I suggested that that was amazing that she was able to clairvoyantly see it happening before it did, but that it must have been very slowww in her dream. she chuckled. I imitated some things that had been said but slowing it down to imitate the dreaming brain.

There was putting on contacts in a bathroom. It had happened at this bathroom many times before. It happened after I told off a guy who kept fucking with my bicycle, which i had had indoors somewhere. He was the bouncer or the waiter or something, but he didnt like me and I didnt like him and every time our interactions became more and more heated. I threatened him the last time and said once again “dont fuck with my bike, asshole!”

Not sure if that was inside the same place, but at one point i was in a concert hall, in standing room. lots of people were recording the same thing i was, which was a chant the people were doing, a rally to legalize marijuana. it was in spanish. the chants were somewhat compnlicated and they rhymed. I was psyched about the audio recording i was doing. i was also doing video, but i remember being particularly enthused about the audio recording of the chanting, thinking that no one else would do what i was going to do with the chant, which was to put a beat under it and make a track.

amy leclair was with me somewhere in this dream, maybe after the bicycle and before the contact lenses in the bathroom. we had a common project- was it in New York City? There is the sensation of needing to lock my bicycle outside a subway station. for a second i thought i forgot the lock and would have to find an alternative way, or else chance losing the bike. I looked in the bottom of my backpack-suitcase and saw the lock was there. I was relieved. Amy was talking to someone else, saying she had a sore throat. I had two mentolypus losenges left in my pocket, which I offered to her and she accepted.