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more dreams

Ricky Gervais' solo

eric laurits was in town... but this wasnt till later

i was with ricky gervais in some kind of mall location that had this one cool place in it that we went. i forget the place, only that upon exiting and while still inside the mall i went over to some yard ornaments or perhaps they were those spring-bound playground animals you hop on and swing back and forth. anyway, this one was porcelain and i dropped and broke it.

we went back to ricky gervais' house, who at the time may have been Ben (the guy i met last night at sp). we both had women with us... i was just getting to know the woman i was with, but something repelled her, and i wondered if it was because i had not showered in a couple days. we all ended up leaving and the thought was to go back to the cool place at the mall where they had music... not sure where that ended up.

eric laurits was there and I wanted him to meet ricky gervais, becuase ricky had played an excellent solo (on what instrument i dont remember) that blew my mind; it was dissonant and jazzy but delicate and interesting. ricky was his usual charming vibrant self when he met eric; he told him about some dutch harpsichord for sale (although the words "dutch harpsichord" for some reason invoked a string instrument in my mind), at this place in the city where they sold many other used instruments. I was thinking i would go too and pick up a new instrument for cheap.