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more dreams

Republican Town Hall, Dead Beach
June 2, 2009


we were at an auditorium having a town hall meeting. Mom and I were the only democrats there, everyone else was a republican. it was uncomfortable but we did speak up when we felt like it. at one point i said look how as soon as the constitution is mentioned, you're all wiping tears from your eyes, what the hell? this is like some kind of boot camp church or something. it made my mom laugh but everyone else was offended.

the columns on the sides of the auditorium were made of stone. one column was a roman kilt with a penis sticking out from under it. my mom said to me "can you believe that these statues used to be ancient Egyptian sphinxes?" then they tore them down and put up these. She showed me the pamphlet and i saw the pictures of the egyptian sphinxes.

Glenn Beck was in the audience, and at one point someone , maybe me, was criticizing him.

some girls next to us were bitchy but asked my mom if she would like some candy. my mom obliged and offered them some of her candy. the girl was like "ooh , thanks" rather genuinely. candy had distracted her from her prejuidice.

we were at Quannapowitt shores at the wakefield common, me and stacy. dead fish were all along the shore. whatever i wias eating I threw the rest of it at a dead fish. stacy remarked surprised that my food was there on the dead fish. i explained that i threw it there.

a pile of newspapers (San Francisco Chronicle) were in a bundle. Somebody else was there. I mentioned that i used to be a paperboy. i opened the bundle and took a paper but then put it back, knowing that somebody was going to be responsible for delivering those.

John and I were at the beach. i was drawing on a pad of paper. i was not interested in going down to the shore, possibly because i knew it was not going to be clean or beuaitufl. There were a couple girls nearby and John wanted to flirt with them, or walk with them down the beach. He said, cmon Steve let's go walking. I said i dont want to. i ended up going anyway because john talked me into it. I had been playing some music where i was (between some wooden panels that ricocheted). it wasrelaxed music, like mazzy star or something.