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more dreams

Red Motorcycle

robert dinero was the security guard responsible for checking our items at the end of the night at the grocery store. we kept missing each other, but it was important that he sign off for them. he trusted me and in the end jeremy and JD said it wouldnt be a problem if i left without getting them signed off, but oh well. i started to count the items and their cost so that the next day i could pay for them. one was a new grist beer. another was a bottle of wine that someone had given me to try at a bar nearby, which had an inconspicuous front door, beige painted wood plank exterior but a really nice interior. the wine was called moonlight or moonwalk or something. it was a sweet grapey red. I had been following a girl in that night bar, and i was barefoot. I think i was running at one point in the dream too.

in another dream i had a motorcycle. i'm not sure if i bought it myself, new or used, or if it was given to me. either way it was in mint condition. it was a dark red/maroon colored bike. i seemed to have no trouble riding it. I was going from one place to another, and i got on the freeway. i think i thought i started to head east to boston, when i was supposed to be heading back to san francisco. i was jumping curbs and doing sstuff like that, and at one point my auxilliary gas tank popped off and went rolling to the side like a tire. someone had to confirm for me that that was in fact from my bike, and that it was an auxillary gas tank. they pointed out that i'm putting too much wear and tear on it, too quickly - there were cracks in the seat and such. i thought to myself that this motorcycle must not be intended to be ridden the way i was riding it. it was more of a cruiser, and that if i wanted to jump curbs and such, i should get a dirtbike instead.