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Poison pizza, Venixuato fighting
Dec 29, 2009


poison pizza - everyone in high school, or was it middle school, was poisoned by a delivery of pizza, it was something in the crust. I remember briefly examining the crust as through a catscan. the answer was still a mystery. the perpetrator was a mystery. what happened next is forgotten. this poison pizza part was really fascinating, i wish i could remember more of it.

at one point i was in guanajuato, mexico. the streets turned into Venice - they were the same streets of Guanajuato but fillled with water. people traveled by boat. I was asking someone in spanish what the name of the mercado to the south was called. across from the grocery store. where they sold fruits but also little trinkets and stuff. I never figured out the name, and no one ever told me, but in trying to determine the answer i made acquaintances with a fat kid who was sort of 'on low' but gave me his email address, which was ilvv@yahoo.com. I thanked him and was truly glad to have a new contact in this city, since it had been so long since i'd been there. it was getting dark and i had come on a whim. i had no place to sleep and i thought i would try to get ahold of Karla. I think that's when i saw Chris McClean exit from some classroom. He and some other Wakefield people were there doing a learning spanish program.

at one point i was in a bar, and got in a fight with some dude who ripped my 10 dollar bill and another 1 dollar bill in half. I had asked him if he had change, and, being drunk, he took my 10 and my 1 and ripped it in half. I said what the hell did you do that for? in spanish. fucking idiot. and I punched him. and the punching began. everyone in the bar, and then around town i was the notorious one who started the fight. people were trying to gang up on me. one guy kept following me. I wasnt running, in fact i was even talking to him, but trying to get him off my back, i suddenly sped up and then crouched so he would fall over my back. he did and thumped loud onto the street. then it was really on. lots of annoying chasing.

later I was in my garage at 683 45th. there was a guy in a blue haiwaiian shirt and long dark hair, and a cowboy hat. He may have had tinted glasses on too. i'm not sure if he was trying to sell me something, or if he was simply the last tenant at 683 45th who left a few things behind, one of them being a 22 caliber pistol. actually it was a pistol that could shoot a variety of calibers. I opened the cartridge and there were two 22 caliber bullets left, one at the very bottom, then skipped a row, then another one (third to bottom). There was a larger caliber bullet standing vertical in a sort of closet-part of the cartridge. When i cocked the gun, it would show some kind of intermittent flame at the tip, indicating that it was ready to fire. i was unsure how to uncock it, but after 10 seconds it uncocked itself. This gun would be useful for something, but for now i would put it away.