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more dreams


she was so enthusiastic about seeing me. we ran into each other in a partial clearing somewhere i had never seen or been before. If i had to put a name to it, i guess i'd say somewhere in colorado. I had been out taking pictures, and she had been out running. you run now! yeah, and guess what? she hops around on just her toes. You're doing barefoot! I began to ask her if her feet feel alright. she started to say there actually is a little pain sometimes. I told her to be careful, because of what happened to me. havent been able to run for a while. getting fat, see? she chuckles and said the same about herself. we both looked humbly but humurously at our guts. we were in fact wearing the same color shirt. in passing she had mentioned her exbf ex now? that surprised me. we were smiling anticipatedly. her smile told me not that she wanted to get back together, but that she had been happily single for a while, and was happy to see me, and that's all.

She brought me back to her room, which i had seen from far away but never been in, and realized now how big the closet was. I exclaimed you could fit a bed in here! she agreed with me, and looked sort of steely and sexy and said you could, and have a boyfriend stay in the rest of the room. i was thinking more along the lines of you could just have the rest of the room to do your work and hang out. I remember her fact changed multiple times in this dream. at one point she was even Karla - the moment I had spotted her in the partial clearing. i remember because i had my point and shoot with me, and the focus at first spotted the branch in front of her, then her. she was wearing a bikini.

another moment prior she was represented by someone else's physique and facade, dressed for the cold weather in a thick coat, sitting on a bench outside a one story grey clapboard building at dusk that had a sign outside in its yard saying it was some kind of festival or conference. it had my name and that aliterative string of words with S in it that i didnt quite understand. i had received a text about it, too. Ting brought it up congratulatorily, and i was a little surprised she knew about it but happy it was a good thing and happy she was happy for me.

she was talkative. very talkative. she was nonchalant. she said something at one point like 'just dont want you to bitch out' and i thought, wow she's changed. I told her the place was nice, and i was a little embarrassed to admit that my house kinda sucked compared to how clean and new this place looked with its wood trimmings and carpet. I went to the refrigerator to get us something to snack on while she loaded the music her ex boyfriend had made. oh, she didnt have wifi connection. we were in my space now. I told her we could use my laptop for internet... oh, but the music was only on her thing. I came back into the room with her. We hugged each other frequently. The squeeze felt so good.



earlier that night, i was in a place somewhere in mexico, tropical and mountainous. I was trying to take pictures of an oncoming indigenous person, running a trail up the mountain. i was not able to too clearly take it, and what i was taking pictures of turned into a black car from the 40's with a man in a suit, sunglasses and a hat getting out of it. i was a little intimidated, not sure what he was all about. got a great shot of him getting out of the car though, an MCU with some kind of light flare and well-exposed poker face.