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more dreams

Parking garage philanthropy
Feb 27, 2009


[lying before my mac, with my eyes closed as I turn it on, the blast of white through my red closed eye lids is like opening a door to a sunny day from a dark room. alas, i'm still in my dark room, and barely awake.]

I was at a parking garage. talking to a tall bald white man with brown eyes. He may have been jewish. He was wearing a suit. a black suit with a black button down and a grey tie. He was in charge there. I was waiting in line to check the hourly parking fees. seventy five dollars for eight hours. 25 dollars for 2-3 hours. I asked if there was something cheaper. I said i would only be there for the movie. what movie was I going to see? at the time I knew but I dont know. a lady behind the counter assured me that it wont actually be that expensive. the guy chimed in and said but there are somehiden fees. I said i just wanted to pop in and out, that I dont even own a car. He liked me. I apologized and excused myself, saying I'd find another alternative. I shook his hand and he grabbed me and walked me down to the entrance of the parking garage that led to the movie theatre, like it was was the entrance to the club, and opened the door and threw me in . I hustled to keep my step, turned around to thank him. The other bouncers asked him, or looked at him as if to say , what's this all about? one of the other bouncers inside looked like the bald guy but had long jesus hair, black. The bald guy said "he was very nice." I continued on to the movie theatre, but realized I needed to check the times of the shows. I needed to turn on my mac and check the showtimes on IMDB.

earlier in the night there was something about Ting.