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more dreams

Orientation Day
Feb 10, 2009

it was like orientation day.
we were somewhere that resembled museum grounds, or a college campus.
Nicola was in it, passing by in a sea of incoming people through the doors as I was going out. she was smiling, wearing a red jacket. i think she wanted to tag me.
we were playing an orientation game of tag. the actor from slumdog millionaire was there. in my dream he had a little brother who i knocked out twice. he had kept trying to tag me so i punched him in the face repeatedly. his teeth came flying out onto the floor. the actor from slumdog was very upset with me and I appologized. it was not my intention to knock him out. i picked up a handful of pink slimy teeth and put them on the the water fountain where the older brother was consoling the younger. there was also a sister who i found attractive but never talked to. Stacy was there. I said to the guy, "i'm sorry, he was trying to tag me. I didnt meant to knock him out. I like you, _____ ! I like your brother too. it was not my intention! that's when i left the bldg, disgusted with the game. someone passed me and said hello. a guy i had known from another life, maybe mexico. that's when i passed Nicola who was heading in with the swarm of people. stacy followed me out and said something. she knew the situation. I burst into running across the grass (while everyone else had been walking on the sidewalks. I kept running down the hill across the grass. the hill grew steeper and brought me to a precipice that was way too steep to get to the bottom of by hand. i was now clinging to rocks, hoping not to slip. I could hear the ocean waves crashing below me. i started to climb back up.

at one point i was with someone, a black girl. She was a friend. we were pretending I was a girl by putting some paper cut-outs on me. Then i would hide in the bushes and scare people. this was fun when we did it spontaneously, but later when my friend wanted to do it again, i wasn't feeling up for it because it was not spontaneous.

At one point there was a pig licking a girl's pussy. The girl had heard that pigs give great head. so we got a pig and had it lick her pussy. She loved it. apparently the pig did too.

also at one point there was also a bedroom with red and yellow and ochre colors that i had been in, and had taken a picture of, and now that i was looking at the picture on the dig camera, i said "that would be a great place to shoot a porn"