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more dreams

Oil Spill, Swimming Pool Explosion
Feb 9, 2009

A gigantic indoor swimming pool heavily populated with people. a cargo ship was floating by on the horizon of this pool. This might have been normal, except it was leaking oil that formed dark black clouds below the surface. almost as soon as i noticed them, something caught fire and the scene turned violent and explosive. oil wells exploded into streams of fire bursting from under the ground. everyone tried as fast as they could to get out alive. some did not. I did. i ran outside, it was a sunny day. i ran down a path towards some cottages. people came out of their cottages asking what the matter was. I said there was an explosion. They asked if so and so would be back, because they had pets to take care of. I saw a bunny, chewing and looking at me.

later i dreamed that i was trying to write this dream down.