Stephen Wade Thomson

Naked On Stage To Avoid Betrayal

I ruined the play because for some reason I got up from my seat and started walking with the actors, down the street corridor, as if i were one of them. But they were dressed like 18th century londoners and I was naked with an american baseball cap. As I realized both that i was naked and that i didnt belong on strage, I tried as non-chalantly as possible to pull up my pants and put on a shirt. (pants first). Not sure how i got these pants but they were there to get on as soon as I wanted them. The corridor felt somewhat protective, but c'mon, it was a play. of course everyone could see me. It was blue lights and nighttime, so maybe it wasn't so noticable. I'd have been something strange and questionable rather than something obviously out of place.

Earlier, my dad had made some japanese style art in his shop (the garage of 22 parker) and this had attracted the attention of a japanese girl who was particularly small and stocky, with a pretty clean square face. She must have been a refernce to Yuri from Granada but she was much smaller. We spoke something right before the show began. She had complimented my dad's japanese art. I acknowledged that it was good. when the lights dimmed and the show began, I put the japanese cookies (my dad's art had turned to food, maybe it was food the whole time), into my lap for her to jump up. She came towards me- she was now a cat no bigger than Phillip, but i saw that as she slinked towards me, Phillip slinked from another angle, in defense and defiance of what was about to happen. I was Phillip's cat, and the idea of another cat in my lap simply did not make sense. I wanted the girl to sit in my lap but i wanted even more not to offend Phillip. I think this is why I stood up and entered the scene.

After i finished the walk down the corridor with the 18th century Londoners, we were at a rest stop, backstage, and there were people sitting and standing around a launch area. In the distance there were giant colorful square tents mixing with the natural landscape and housing that was supposedly quanajuato but looked more like switzerland. I was saying embarrassedly how sorry i was to have made such a stupid mistake, that I must have been out of my mind. A girl with long hair spoke to me in spanish and encouraged me that it wasn't bad at all, it was bonito and worked on some level. I hoped she wasn't just trying to placate me. I asked her if she was mexican because her accent did not sound Iberian at all. She didn't answer. It's possible she didn't hear me amid the din of people around us. I looked in the distance and admired the colorfulness of the makeshift square tents that were for the performers, and how well they mixed with the esetablished landscape and residential scenery. The rolling hills were green, the tents red and yellow, the houses off-white or pink with thick dark trims.