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more dreams

NY Train Stop with Karla

with Karla in New York, outside of Manhattan, in a far away borough, on a long stretch of road that ascended gradually to the hills. with her help I noticed this and crossed the street to the right side, the side descending into the city. It was slightly foggy, slightly unclear. Karla and I walked towards a bus stop where there was a man making some kind of rhythm. She was ahead of me and I was worried who the man was, so i caught up as quickly as I could. It turned out to be an older man and my worriment subsided.

the direction of the ascensin and descension and direction of the trains probably flip flopped a couple times, but it wasnt too important. I knew i was on the right side of the tracks and from which direction the train would come. I started down the road towards the direction form which the train would come, and there was Marta from Whole Foods waiting. In her typical way she greeted me and we made small talk. She said something about work and I told her i havent worked there for a month. I explained briefly that i had been fired, and showed to be still a bit bitter, mostly resigned. She said jokingly that I could clean her house for money. I didnt take offense to the comment- i knew it was just something to say. I shuffled it off and said that i was waiting to see. I consistently looked back, worried that karla would not see where i was and would become worried. i was only a few meters away but the fog blinded us.

the train lights appeared and I ran back to the stop where karla was. As i was approaching, she unexpectedly ran away, into the woods. What are you doing? the train is coming! Karla! I ran after her, angry that we were going to miss the train we had waited at least 20 minutes for. I followed her into a grove but lost sight of her. I turned to the right, and there she was, about 25 meters away, sitting.... with Nicola Clark. I was relieved to find her, confused that she was with someone else in that lonely woods, confused at the presence of Nicola, pissed off we had missed the train, sad that something was apparently wrong and I didnt know what it was.

my own music literally cued up and i could hear it and it played me out of the dream.
"I Hate You (2004)"