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more dreams

My wedding night, Ghostbusters, Ting
Jan 13, 2009


It was my wedding night. There were so many people there. Stacy, Dan, and all the rest. It was in a field. or maybe it was in that rural place I go to in my dreams, somewhere up north, somewhere near Tim Caffrey's cottage. People were well dressed, and there was cake.

I had met my wife to be while doing acid, or was it mushrooms, at some concert. Her name was Christine, and that's all i knew about her, except for the fact that I was not attracted to her at all. She had blonde wavy shoulder length hair, kinda stocky in her jeans, and her face sort of resembled the way i remember Chris Conway.

I was not looking forward to the wedding. actually, i was dreading it. hours before the ceremony started, I was talking with Dan and Stacy, and I had to apologize to them because although they'd helped to plan this big day for me, I was going to have to cancel the wedding. I simply couldn't go through with marrying this chick i barely knew.

Later on I was definitely going up to Tim Caffrey's place up north, in a white truck. I was in the passenger seat. It all turned into Ghostbusters suddenly, and i had some giant black hose that got struck by lightning and then ghosts started getting sucked into the hose. I think the music was even there, cueing me for certain actions. When i knew i had all the ghosts ingested, I closed the tube by inserting one end into the other to make a ring. Whoever i was with didnt believe me that i had ghosts in the vacuum, so i said "whatever you do, dont open this tube. the ghosts are in there."

Someone came up, some kind of salesman, some kind of slacker. I looked at the driver of the truck as if to say "remember what i told you."

Then i started off. I heard the salesman open the tube. I heard his speech grow slower, stranger. He made no more sense. He trailed off, and I knew the ghosts were intoxicating him, possibly embodying him, and i knew they would be after me shortly. I ran into a tunnel that had pink tile walls. I kept running and running, the tunnel was so long. At the end of it, there was nothing, just a wall. At either corner were paper bags and some junk. I looked in one of the paper bags and found a large empty vodka bottle. (my assumption was that homeless people came here from time to time). I took the bottle out to use as a weapon if i had to.

Somewhere in there, I found a letter from Ting. I read it. Then i saw that it had multiple layers. one layer had only horizontal lines on it. I tried to match them up. I needed to get to Ting's house fast. She didnt live too far away, only across the train tracks (where mike connolly used to live)

Then i saw that Ting was there. She took the letters from me. I bumped them up into the air, and she looked at me as if to say "why did you do that?" so i asked, "you can see me?" and she said "yes"

i forget what happened after that.