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more dreams

Mullet, Dullet, Pull it, Bullet
July 23, 2010


In my room, at my desk, I was making a collage of paper cut outs; some of the cutouts were video screens. One video screen was a woman's dating introduction, not sure if it was intended for me or in general. She did a cute lip turn and eye blink at the end, which i found a little false. To add to that, she then looked around the virtual room in the remaining seconds in a kind of innocent betty boop way. She was attractive, but her style was not.

The collage i was making was a composite, one of the many i typically make with 10 or 15 or more photos. This one was easily more than 16. It was of trees, but later on it was of a church. the change of theme had something to do with what someone was talking about.

Angela was in my bed, waiting for me to finish the collage. She was asleep, but we had planned on seeing a 9:25pm movie. My mom came into the room and i was hoping she would not see Angela. But she did, and for some reason started being a little harsh with her. I said to leave her alone, she's sleeping, but my mom said she just wanted to say hello. she grabbed angela's arm as if to check her pulse and bellowed "hello" into Angela's face. Angela hesitated before feigning to wake up. I knew she was a little embarrassed to be there in front of my mom.

She was demanding that Angela tell her the story of something recently shared between them. She said "mullet dullet pull it, bullet" which was somehow very threatening. I was going to wait to see what she said next before telling her to LEAVE MY ROOM NOW.

Not sure what all my mom was saying, but we were late for the movie now.

earlier in the night i was on a bike path. the bike path was near Candice's house, which was a simple one story small house on a flat road. She came out and pointed to the house and said something along the lines of "this is where the bomb diggity happens" referring to what had happened in Cancun when she and the other girls had gone weeks before. This was also a challenge of some sort; i was supposed to find a place and time and event for my very own "bomb diggity" -although i doubt this was the term she really used.

My bomb diggity was going to happen on the bike path. I put down my bike and, idk, started digging a hole or something. I left the scene and went somewhere else, then forgot where my bike was. I saw two younger kids on bikes and I ran up to them. they probably didnt know what i was after, but i checked out their bikes to make sure they had not stolen mine. I said aloud that i could not find my bike, and then worried that they would try to find it before me.

whereever that was going didnt go very far.