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more dreams

"Most of life is overboiled." (Defrenzed)
Dec 28, 2008


a lot of things happened last night.

the one i should try to remember first is the latest one, the one with Nate from Six Feet Under.
The second one happened earlier, in some winterscape, with Jonathan and Bronwyn, and Ting.

I guess there was an episode of Six Feet Under where Nate was in a tornado. but it was like it was his dream, and he dragged his family and everyone else in the show into his dream, and i think they despised his use of the tornado. He hadnt consciously planned it. it just happened that way. And now that we were all sitting around (somewhere in 22 parker) he was excitedly justifying why the tornado made so much sense. I was thinking to myself, "I havent seen that episode." but then i thought something about it was familiar. maybe I had. it was like flying down from the sky into the room in the house that was in the middle of the tornado. I felt as though by thinking about it I was experiencing it.

Nate said "Most of life is overboiled." He had a little brother but it wasn't David. He was a decidedly more jewish looking thinner shorter version of Nate. He wore glasses. He was a bit colder than Nate, with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. When Nate said that about most of life being overboiled, I said, "yea! I think i know what you... yea totally" and we nodded at each other, understanding perfectly. This put off the younger brother and he continued to toil away at whatever he was doing; cleaning up, organizing, or something to that effect. He made some comment about being smart, or being.... he used a word.... "savant"? Nate turned to me and asked me if I considered myself a savant. Now we were in a different room, and I wanted to talk more about life being overboiled, maybe just to confirm that i knew what he meant, maybe to show him i knew. I heard the younger brother rustling around in the closet (Will's closet) I said "I dont thiink so," looking cautiously around at the rustling to signal that i was no longer comfortable talking in the midst of the younger brother, because I had shared a moment of connection with Nate and apparently the younger brother was envious. The brother emerged from the closet and was describing something, using two adjectives. the first word caught my attention, the second one slipped by. the first word was "defrenzed." then he said to himself "THERE's a word you dont hear often. The second one i mean, not the first." I said to him, "I havent heard either. what was that first one? defrenzed? does that come from frenzy?" His explanation trailed off. I think i was right... something to do with frenzy. I would look it up later.

and now that i have, i can tell you, it's not a word.

Later I was on a roof with the younger brother. the younger brother was sorting through a bunch of stuff covered in snow. He lifted an arm. I gasped. he snorted. "yea, this was from..." I dont remember... some show? it wasn't a real arm. looked real though for a second.

This was not the first time i dreamed about Nate. Just the one I remember best.

earlier in the night, i was with Ting at one of Jonathan and bronwyn's friend's houses, maybe somewhere in the midwest. I had art pieces stored somewhere in the place that by the end had been vandalized, although not indiscriminately. There were guys there, younger, with their shirts off, acting like jackasses, and pretty much ruining the vibe we older 20 somethings were in. i remember sittting around some screen porch. Ting did not say much. I didnt either, but I made the occaisional comment when i felt like i was being too silent. I dont think I was very comfortable there. I had to take a 1-2 hr bus ride to the airport in order to get home. my flight wasn't until the next morning, so there was time. but i was ready to board the next bus anyway.
i think i left a shirt there. it was sopping wet, there was no way to pack it. I dont really know what this dream was about.