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more dreams



I met a girl named Monnifrouitte. it was apparently a french name that meant [some kind of worker, or artist?] with a pick in one hand and her heart in the other. I couldnt quite hear what she said because not only was i being bombarded left and right by these people throwing food on my lap (wanting me to try cheese, flan, bringing me back my peanut butter bagel sandwich that i had apparently been very messy with earlier) - but there was also a band playing, in my driveway at 22 Parker.

the dream however was supposed to have taken place in California. Because admist all this i was thinking about my Mom. I was worried for her, a little disappointed, a little curious. mostly i just wanted to know she was safe. she was not returning my texts, and I knew she had gone out on a date the night before, with a friend of mine, some blonde kid in a white t-shirt. Younger than me! I was sitting in the parking lot area of The Convenience Store (wakefield) at night, smoking a cigarette and talking with my (coworkers?) about how ridiculous it was that my mom would fly all the way out to california just to have this date with this guy, whom i guess she had been corresponding with online... kinda desperate in my opinion, but I've done my share of stupid desperate things too, so i didnt want to judge too harshly. just wanted her to be alright. and frankly, i was hoping she wouldnt be let down too hard.

""Money Frow-with," she said. "It's actually pronounced Moh-ni-frew-wheat, but people have a hard time pronouncing it."

"That's a shame, it's a nice name. " I repeated it a few times. the little girl that had been around was her sister, and her parents were around too. were we sharing a house with her for a while? I'm really not sure why all these people were in my driveway, besides to see the jazz band that was playing. Someone shoved a big "portable" phone in my lap. it must have been the size of the football. They knew i was waiting to hear back from my mom. I checked... dial tone... i got frustrated and said "dude, it's empty, see?" and handed the phone back to the guy. I looked like a mess and i had little napkins full of food on my lap, and i was trying to talk to this girl.

I got up and started up the back porch steps, still talking to M but needing to change. I took off my first t-shirt with the stains. I opened the door and there was Nanny. "Where's Mom?" i asked. she motioned to the front hall. I started down and she was coming forth with a little bit of a smile on her face. I knew that face meant something along the lines of "at least i gave it a try" although without success. I was somewhat proud of her for trying again, and although she may have been genuinely hopeful, i didnt have much sympathy that it didnt work out with a 28 year old kid in california. "How did it go? are you ok?" and she said "sure, it was fine" but motioned for me to drop it because as we walked back into the kitchen, there was another version of her saying something while serving spinach or some kind of cooked cabbage. Two of her? Nanny was there too so i waited for some explanation. I looked up, it was Dad. He smiled and i said "oh! hello."