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more dreams

Molly at the Cottage after the Music Show

...It ended gloriously on a flat plain at dusk, surrounded by mountains. I was standing on a desert slope, looking down at my comrades - Stacy, Cynthia, and the others. Stacy yelled across to me, something like "you bastard, where are you" but she didn't say exactly that. i came walking down the slope and across the plain, not sure if she was kidding, or how much she felt. When we caught up with each other, she was smiling and said something else. then she said she liked my haircut. I was very subdued but equally happy. we all knew we were leaving each other from this point.

Cynthia and I had been doing molly at a cottage somewhere. I had two filipina girls with me, both were foreign. One was someone I had seen a couple times before (ref: japanese girl at toronado... name???), and the other was her friend. Stacy and Jason were there, as was Cynthia's boyfriend John, but neither John nor Jason made facial appearances in my dream.

I was to give a concert with these two other guys, one was a sort of fat middle aged white man who was the leader of the group. it was his equipment, etc. and he had a cat who was on stage with us. (ref: Rand, roommate) There were probably 30 people in the audience, but it started to thin out when they realized we didnt have anything planned. we were improvising, and i was whistling with reverb effects, but the fat guy made a discouraging remark about my ability to improvise, so I basically didnt feel like making any more sounds with him.

The filipina girl was unsure about staying with us after the concert - she surprisingly suggested that i come home with her - i thought she had a boyfriend? - but we ended up fucking and she forgot about going home - we ended up at cynthia's cottage. we were all together, having dinner or drinks or talking. I was sitting next to the filipina girl and fucking her under the table trying to make it inconspicuous. for a brief second i lifted the table cloth to find that the other filipina girl had her legs open and was naked, so i tried reaching across with my waist and fucking her too. (reaching OVER the first filipina girl and trying to make it inconspicuous to her, lol). I wondered if she liked it, and suspected she did.

the night was long and towards the end of it, we were all sort of coming down, but i convinced cynthia that we should do some more molly. she put a lot on the table and snorted the majority of it. whoa! but she apparently knew what she was doing. I finger dipped the rest.