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more dreams

Lessons in Flying
January 25, 2010


flying again, in that hoverable way. [the engine for propulsion only my feet, never wings or aerodynamics] able to jump up and stay there, able to breaststroke my way down a hall or walk fleetingly on the wall. Matt Tibbetts was there. there were kids rolling firecrackers across the street. It was nighttime. one kid was particularly good at kicking an incoming firecracker back into the middle of the street before it exploded. There was a party of some sort and I was only slightly invited, whatever that means. i was trying to devise ways of entering (apparently the door wasn't an option) so finally I jumped on top of the roof (2 -3 stories high). I overshot it so when I came down I made a loud thump next to the ceiling window. finally i was let in. I said something to the effect of I'm sorry if i'm a bother, i cant give this to anyone else. at one point i was showing people how it was done because they were interested. I showed them that it was good for dodging stuff, or if i needed to get up somewhere i could jump high and then boost myself even higher once in the air.